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Our Story

After making Aliyah, Lee Ann, her husband Eli and their three daughters couldn’t find women’s clothing with the right comfy fit and style.  And, as a quality seeker who prefers to buy fewer high-quality items each season, I just couldn’t find colorful , fun, modest styles of any quality in Israel.  Shopping online and getting my husband and friends to shlep from the US was time consuming and impractical with returns – and, at that point, I had no idea how to access the work of talented Israeli designers who weren’t showing in the malls. When friends concurred and started sharing their frustration, the idea for Flatter Boutique was born.

Personal Styling Experience

Flatter offers a 1-on-1 pampering styling experience at the Flatter Styling Showroom in Jerusalem. We invite you to come and shop new and familiar brands while working with stylists who will help you define and highlight your figure strengths and smooth over problem spots. The Flatter mission is to give women the confidence to discover their own refined style of dressing — to own their personal chic and feel their best now — not after they’ve hit the gym or tried the next diet.

Our definition of “refined style”?

Taller, narrower, more sophisticated, confident, and comfortable in your own skin…This is how we want you to feel when you are shopping and dressing. Learning the Flatter “personal styling” process to flatter your body shape is a skill that takes effort like anything else. Your body is never wrong, you just need to be armed with the right tools to dress it.

The Flatter Four-Step Personal Styling Process includes:

  1. Identifying Your Body Shape DNA
  2. Selecting Your Most Flattering Colors and Shapes
  3. Creating Your Personal Chic
  4. Building Your Wardrobe

We’ll help you accentuate and accessorize your best features by strategically spacing and placing color and tone, along with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines into your wardrobe. By understanding your unique body shape needs and complementary colors and shapes, you can harness the power of optical illusion and your own creativity to start using your clothes to reveal your most flattering self.