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Stylist’s Secrets with The Duchess

For this collection, we decided to do things a bit differently: Instead of shooting the fall clothes on professional models, we invited some of our favorite fashion stylists and bloggers for a fun day in Jerusalem. After pampering them with hair (talented hairstylist Racheli Bar Chanin) and makeup (the amazing Rivka Aharon), Photographer Yonatan Halperin took their photos of our autumn collection with some of our favorite Jerusalem views as a backdrop.

The result? A group of beautiful, talented ladies who not only modeled the collection but also show how the clothes look on different body types and different styles – women with whom we all would like to have coffee. In the next few weeks, we’ll use this space to share the interviews we’ve done with each of them. First up: Efrat Cohen, stylist and blogger extraordinaire, whom you might know from her modest fashion blog Duchess.

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flatter-boutique-aw15 (41)

1. When did you start your blog?

Almost 3 years ago.

2. How would you describe your style?

I’d say it’s casual-classic.

3. Do you have a secret hobby?

Yes, I’m into horseback riding.

4. What’s your signature accessory?

A Star of David pendant necklace made of a combination of gold and silver with tiny stones.


5. What’s your current favorite scent?


6. What’s one thing you don’t leave home without?

A room-temperature mineral water bottle. Must have.

7. Name one piece that you keep wearing over and over again

A dress my brother managed to wreck. Baruch Hashem for talented dressmakers who fix things!

8. Why do you love fashion?

It’s a global inspiration. I like taking international trends and “modestifying” them so they better fit my lifestyle – or any other woman of faith that also enjoys fashion and doesn’t want to give it up.

9. If you could only wear one kind of skirt, what would it be?

A high waisted, knee-length pencil skirt.


10. What’s your favorite trend right now?

I love the bright colors, inspired by the 80s, which are making a comeback.

11. What’s one trend you’re hoping will disappear forever?

Chiffon! See-through fabrics are not my cup of tea.

12. Who’s your favorite famous fashionista?

Kate Middleton.

13. My favorite hobby besides fashion…

Reading! I’m a bookworm.


14. What’s one item you’ll never wear?

Overalls as dresses. They doesn’t really exist, do they? Thank goodness!

15.What would you say to someone who thinks fashion and Torah can’t go together?

That attitude might be right for some people. However, I feel and believe that in this world, the spiritual and the material go hand in hand.

16. When you think of autumn, you think of…

It can’t come soon enough!

17. What makes a regular outfit into a “Duchess” outfit?

A playful take on the hairstyle, the shoes, the accessories.

Thank you, Efrat!



What Should I Wear?! 4 Suggestions for Rosh Hashana

It seems like just yesterday we were discussing Seder outfit ideas, but apparently – Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. After getting ready spiritually and making sure all the Simanim are prepared, you might want to get ready to welcome the new year in style. Lucky for you, we’ve just gotten in a beautiful new collection, and here are some outfit suggestions based on the newest trends and styles:


Yes, it’s almost a cliche, but cliches exist because they’re true. White is regal and timeless, traditional and modern at the same time. And now with our new dress cut — it’s also flattering.


Pair your white dress with a sparkly headband and an earthy-red lipstick like stylist Lee-Or Savisky to get an extra regal effect.

flattering white dress modest


Textures are everywhere this season — from prints and patterns to textured fabrics. A texture-ful dress is an entire outfit in one piece and is sure to make the perfect impression.


Efrat Chohen (the stylist behind The Duchess) styled herself and her sister to perfection with minimalistic details: color blocked jewelry paired with her patterned dress, and delicate metalic jewelry for her sister, wearing a Missoni-knit dress.

missoni knit modest dress with flippy skirt


Who says florals equal childish? Take the floral inspiration in two different directions: colorful and saturated or dramatic. Either way, it’s an unexpected, flattering look that will also make you smile.


A floral skirt goes a long way. Pair it with a bright, solid top like Lee-Or to get the maximum effect. When going for a dramatic, dark look – a delicate gold pendant is the way to go.



A little bit of black can take white to a whole different direction. No wonder black and white are the eternal color-duo that survives fashion trends.  Whether it’s a striped top like Limor’s or a hounstooth design like Efrat’s dress — this style transcends seasons and always looks sophisticated.


Black and white is a great way to incorporate a boxy top into your look, like stylist Limor Alzami. Check out this post for more suggestions. A delicated peach-toned lipstick and deep gem-colored earrings take Efrat’s black and white look to the next level.

black and white crop top and midi skirtblack and white hounstooth dress with twist neckline modest

And most importantly, no matter what you choose to wear, we wish you a happy new year!

PS. Here are our holiday opening hours (until Sukkoth):
Weekdays: 10:00 – 21:00
Motzash: 21:00 – 24:00
Fridays/Erev Chag: 09:00 – 13:00


Wardrobe Boost: Lemon Aid

Here comes the sun! If that phrase were ever true, it was surely said about an Israeli summer. And while the sun and the weather are at their brightest – why shouldn’t we enjoy some bright colors, too?

The color yellow has gotten a bad name in the style circles over the years. It’s not rare to hear someone raving over a yellow garment, than sighing and saying, “if only I could wear yellow…”.



Insider Interview: Miri Ben-David Livi

Welcome to our new blog series, where we’ll be interviewing women we look up to, women whose style we adore and women who fascinate us. First up is Miri Ben-David Livi. Miri is a multi-talented lady who cares strongly about her fellow entrepreneurs. Besides being a Mom and a busy journalist at some of Israel’s most prestigious publications, Miri started “The Skirt Club” for self-employed women as well as a fashion blog, which you can read about below. It was a pleasure getting some 1X1 time with Miri and hearing her insights. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to visit Miri’s blog and Instagram account!



One Item, 5 Ways: The Boxy Top

how to wear_blog_wp


If I could crown one clothing item for this season, or even the couple past seasons (and probably a couple future ones), we would choose the boxy top, hands down.

It never ceases to amaze me, how one silhouette can take over our wardrobes, and in the case of the boxy top – that’s actually a good thing, because there are so many ways to wear it and wear it well.

So in case you’re feeling a little bored with your styling choices lately or would just like a bit of inspiration, here are our favorite ways to wear a boxy top.

1. With a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are pretty much timeless, and they look amazing paired with a boxy top. The contrast of the sleek silhouette of the pencil skirt with the… well… boxy shape of the top really adds interest while the pencil skirt creates a flattering waist. Try mixing patterns and shapes or go for a timeless black and white.

2. With a full skirt

Full midi skirts are all the rage right now, even Google noticed the trend! We love them at Flatter – not only because they’re always feminine and fun, but because they’re also really flattering. A good full skirt creates a waist and hides everything you want.

3. In a layered look

Layering is a fashion lover’s favorite thing, it just gives you so any more reasons to play dress up! A boxy top is perfect for layering, since its airy silhouette leaves plenty of space for a crisp button down underneath, or even a shirtdress. Right now it’s the perfect season for layering, weather-wise, so go for it.

4. As a set

There’s nothing as classy as a suit, and we’re so glad it’s making a comeback. Not that suits or sets went anywhere in the last decade or so, but people do sometimes see them as mature or overtly serious. Lucky for us, in recent seasons there’s been a suit-aisance and everyone can find the right set for them.

5. Mix and match

Boxy tops are so fun, so have some fun with them! Feel free to mix patterns, prints and color and add some accessories to top it off. Just remember – always take off one piece before you go out, that’s the difference between chic and exaggerated.

So how do you wear your boxy tops? Share with us in the comment section


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