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Lee Ann’s Turn: It’s Your Clothing’s Fault (not your body’s)!

LeeAnnsTurn-FinalLooking your best is about feeling good about yourself. It’s really important to remember that there’s no perfect body type and each shape has its own styling advantages. The key is a confident and comfortable woman who knows how to accentuate her assets and divert attention from problem spots. As women, it’s vital we love our bodies and part of that is having a useful styling process. Exploring the 4-step Personal Styling process we use at Flatter can be useful and serve you well as a personal styling tool…



New Arrivals!

A very large shipment just arrived at the Flatter Showroom headquarters in Rechavia, Jerusalem. Our stylists were so excited to get a sneak peek at what’s inside all those boxes. Luckily for you, taking a peek at all the new arrivals will be much easier for you since we’ve unpacked everything and have it ready for you in both our locations. So come stop by and see what all the excitement is about!


Meet Lee Ann

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“Our formula is offering quality plus service that equals personal style confidence.”              -Lee Ann

Flatter Boutique’s proprietor, Lee Ann Morse Homnick, recalls her decision to open the upscale boutique:

After making Aliyah with my husband and three daughters several years ago, I couldn’t find clothing with the right comfy fit, quality, and age-appropriate styles for myself and the girls. Shopping online and getting my husband and friends to schlep from the US was time consuming and impractical—and certainly no fun if we had any returns. Additionally, the crowded, impersonal retail experience here just didn’t work for us. We  really wanted complete looks of quality, age-appropriate, tasteful and fun clothing. Once we started sharing our frustration with friends and seeing how many of them felt the same way, the idea for Flatter was born.



Sunday Style- Eva

This week’s Sunday Style is featuring the lovely Eva Mendes.

Which look suits her best? Elegant and lady like pink floral? Sophisticated and structured black and white? Or a laid back, printed shirt dress with full skirt?

sundaystyleeve Leave your comments below and tell us which Eva you like best!


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