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Blue, White & Everything In Between

Blue and white —  one color duo with so much tradition, so many connotations and so many interpretations. It’s a color pairing deeply rooted in the history of art and design: from blue and white porcelain to toile de Jouy wallpaper to Moroccan palaces. And of course, for us in Israel, blue and white are the flag colors, based on the Talis.
But somehow, even with all these deep associations, the cheerful pair of blue and white is pretty much always in fashion and reads as fresh, young and carefree. If you’d like to put together a blue and white outfit for Israeli Independence Day next week, here are a few fun ideas — and since blue and white is so prominent in the design world, we paired up the looks with matching rooms:


Mix it Up!

No one says blue and white should be isolated. Mix them up with some purple for a fun and feminine take on this season’s watercolor-inspired prints.



Go Toile

It’s no coincidence that toile de jouy is such a timeless pattern. A fun sundress inspired by the blue and white floral pattern stays modern with a solid blue cardigan and some pop-y accessories.



Keep it Sporty

Athleisure is a big trend right now. What does that weird word even mean? It’s fashion inspired by sportswear — like this cute mesh sweater. Pair with a beautiful satin skirt to make sure it’s more fashion than sportswear.



Anchor That

Wearing one blue and white item will ground your look and add that timeless fresh feel to it. A striped shirt is always a great choice, a classic take on the nautical/preppy trend.



Check it Out

Smaller scale patterns, such as checks or gingham, are a great way to explore any color duo you like. We love this top with a fresh white skirt.



Go Bold!

Don’t be afraid of statement pieces like this poncho —  it’s reversible so you can decide when you’d like to be more white than blue. By the way, with this red wooden necklace, you can count on this for the 4th of July, as well.


Break the Rules

YES, you can wear blue and black together. Add a white bag and there you have it!


{image source: Looks – all from Flatter Spring Summer ’15 Lookbook; Interiors- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}


What Should I Wear? 4 Seder Outfit Ideas

We can barely believe it, but Pesach is actually almost here. For real.

After cleaning every possible corner in the house, making sure to eat all the Chometz in time and perhaps also getting stuck in a traffic jam or two (turns out we’re not the only ones shopping for Pesach), it’s finally time for the fun part: deciding what to wear for the Seder!

Here are a few ideas from our brand new collection:

Regally White

If after weeks in cleaning mode, you feel like it’s your time to shine, this may be the outfit for you. A skirt and crop top set made of beautiful textured white fabric flowers with pearls in the middle — it doesn’t get more regal than this. Just make sure you feel comfortable wearing white around the Arba Kossot.

Suggested accessories:

Keep it simple and elegant. A pair of earrings should do the work, and pastel-colored flats or pumps will work great.


Color Rich

A brocade skirt and top is always beautiful, colorful and eye-catching. We love the colors and patterns of the sets we’ve got this season. The fringe at the hem of these crop tops makes the design so much richer, and we love that there are a few different skirt types to play with — so you can find the perfect one for your body shape or buy a few and get more than one outfit out of the same top.

Suggested accessories:

Try a floral headband. Beige colors will look great with this, or try to find shoes that match one of the colors of the set.


Solid Ground

A solid-colored dress can go a long way. This is a dress you an wear to the Seder and really have fun with accessorising and then you can dress it up and down for any occasion — weddings, sheva brochos, an important meeting at work. We love the shot of color!

Suggested accesories:

Go elegant with delicate jewelry or try bold color blocking.


Seder Princess

This outfit idea speaks to the girly-girl in us. We love the idea of pairing the versatile blue skirt with a pink crop top. While being elegant and pretty, this outfit is also so easy to wear — even for a long Seder. After the Seder you can mix and match the top and the skirt for any occasion.

Suggested accessories:

We’d go for the princess look and match a tiara-like headband.



Happy Pesach!
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Spring is Here – And So are the Trends

It’s that time of the year again, and we couldn’t be more excited! Yes, we’re referring to spring. It’s funny how even in a mild winter like ours in Israel, everyone is still looking forward to spring. Spring just feels new, refreshing and exciting, even if you get the occasional allergy… For us at Flatter, it’s also the time when we finally open the packages from our buying trips and get to hang the beautiful clothes in the boutique and see how you react. This year, the timing couldn’t be more wonderful — right after all the global fashion weeks and right before Pesach. So here’s a roundup of the spring trends we love — if you’ll look closely you may spot a few sneak peeks from our spring collection photoshoot from last week — more to come!



Here’s a trend we’re really excited about. A textured fabric adds so much interest to any garment, and really shows the designer’s attention to detail and the fabric’s quality. Here’s a beautiful suit from Burberry – and we have in store a beautiful white suit that is a wonderful interpretation of this trend.

burberry prorsum spring summer 2015 textured white and peach suit

Textures at Burberry | image source



Prints and Patterns

Another element we just love is prints and patterns. These (from DKNY and Hermes) may seem a little pattern-heavy but when mixed and styled correctly, patterns add so much personality to an outfit. (and here’s a sneak peek!)

geometric patterns at dkny and hermes spring summer 2015

Patterns at DKNY and Hermes

Flatter Boutique spring 2015

Flatter Boutique Spring 2015 | Photo by Gilad Bar Shalev



Black and White

White definitely reigned this season’s collection, alone or with its best friend — black. We were so glad to see fresh uses of this timeless pairing, from dressier, wedding-appropriate outfits (like this gown from Lanvin) to fun outfits for a nicer afternoon, or Chol Hamoed.

lanvin black and white gown spring summer 2015

Black and White at Lanvin and Jill Sander

flatter biutique modest fashion black and white trend for spring summer 2015

Black and White and modest at Flatter | photo by Gilad Bar Shalev




We can always count on some designers to bring the preppy, and Baruch Hashem for that! A preppy sweater and a striped shirt are always so fun and cheerful, and they just scream spring.

Prep-central at Jill Sander and Kate Spade

Prep-central at Jill Sander and Kate Spade

peach cardigan, white and blue striped tee shirt and white skater skirt

Preppy and fun at Flatter! Photo by Gilad Bar Shalev


Come visit us to see many more trends in action! What trend has you excited?


Wine Not?

From the ruby shades of burgundy to the more purple bordeaux tones, Flatter has them all!

flatter-boutique-wine-not (7)flatter-boutique-wine-not (1)flatter-boutique-wine-not (5)flatter-boutique-wine-not (3)flatter-boutique-wine-not (6)flatter-boutique-wine-not (4)flatter-boutique-wine-not (2)


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