One Item, 5 Ways: The Boxy Top

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If I could crown one clothing item for this season, or even the couple past seasons (and probably a couple future ones), we would choose the boxy top, hands down.

It never ceases to amaze me, how one silhouette can take over our wardrobes, and in the case of the boxy top – that’s actually a good thing, because there are so many ways to wear it and wear it well.

So in case you’re feeling a little bored with your styling choices lately or would just like a bit of inspiration, here are our favorite ways to wear a boxy top.

1. With a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are pretty much timeless, and they look amazing paired with a boxy top. The contrast of the sleek silhouette of the pencil skirt with the… well… boxy shape of the top really adds interest while the pencil skirt creates a flattering waist. Try mixing patterns and shapes or go for a timeless black and white.

2. With a full skirt

Full midi skirts are all the rage right now, even Google noticed the trend! We love them at Flatter – not only because they’re always feminine and fun, but because they’re also really flattering. A good full skirt creates a waist and hides everything you want.

3. In a layered look

Layering is a fashion lover’s favorite thing, it just gives you so any more reasons to play dress up! A boxy top is perfect for layering, since its airy silhouette leaves plenty of space for a crisp button down underneath, or even a shirtdress. Right now it’s the perfect season for layering, weather-wise, so go for it.

4. As a set

There’s nothing as classy as a suit, and we’re so glad it’s making a comeback. Not that suits or sets went anywhere in the last decade or so, but people do sometimes see them as mature or overtly serious. Lucky for us, in recent seasons there’s been a suit-aisance and everyone can find the right set for them.

5. Mix and match

Boxy tops are so fun, so have some fun with them! Feel free to mix patterns, prints and color and add some accessories to top it off. Just remember – always take off one piece before you go out, that’s the difference between chic and exaggerated.

So how do you wear your boxy tops? Share with us in the comment section


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