Wardrobe Boost: Lemon Aid

Here comes the sun! If that phrase were ever true, it was surely said about an Israeli summer. And while the sun and the weather are at their brightest – why shouldn’t we enjoy some bright colors, too?

The color yellow has gotten a bad name in the style circles over the years. It’s not rare to hear someone raving over a yellow garment, than sighing and saying, “if only I could wear yellow…”.

Well, good news: You can, and you will look great in it! Yellow isn’t just for one type of personalty, particular figure or skin tone. Here are a few ways to wear and enjoy yellow:

yellow runway inspiration via flatter.me

yellow runway inspiration

1. Experiment With Tones

Try a cooler tone, try a golden tone – from lemon to gold, don’t be afraid to experiment and try on as many items as it takes until you’re happy with the result!


2. Yellow as the Supporting Actor

Wearing yellow doesn’t mean you need to wear all yellow. Try a pattern or a floral with splashes of yellow. That’s a great start! Your next step? yellow and tan stripes. Then you can graduate to an entirely yellow top or skirt (or shoes!)

yellow accessories and clothes at flatter boutique

Yellow skirt, yellow zebra scarf, yellow and white shirt, yellow and gray belt – all available at Flatter Boutique

3. Yellow and White and Everything Bright

White balances yellow beautifully, while enhancing its inherent warmth. Try mixing yellow with white in different ratios and combinations (all white outfit with a yellow clutch bag? Why not!)

Lee-Or Stavisky wearing yellow Flatter skirt

Lee-Or Stavisky wearing yellow Flatter skirt

4. Protect Your Face from the Sun

If you’re concerned yellow doesn’t do justice to your skin tone, or feel like it’s a “too much too soon” situation, try wearing yellow away from your face. Start with accessories, then graduate to beautiful midi skirts like Lee-Or and Limor did.


So how do you wear yellow? And how do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments!


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